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Fiber Card Timers, Delay Timers & Cam Timers. Ramstetter Card Timers, and Controllers, New & Rebuilt Electronic Controls, Contractors by Sprecher Shuh, Telemecanique, Allen Bradley and Benedikt & Jaeger. Switches for Level, Flow, Pressure, Power, Toggle, Pushbutton, Foot, Membrane, Vacuum. Thermostats and Dry Sensors. Relays, Sockets, Transformers, Switches, Bulbs, and Fuses. Boiler Controls, Hand Hole Assemblies.
Pages 3 - 33

Vacuum Pumps by Travani. Solvent Pumps by Due Effe, Ber Mar and Burks. Water pumps for Towers, Chillers and Boilers by Burks. Drive Motors by Ber Mar and Elmo. Fan Motors by Ber Mar. Refrigeration Compressors by Maneurope, Tecumseh and Copeland. Drive Belts, Bearings and Lip Seals.
Pages 34 - 56

Solvent Valves by Rovel and Valvaut. Steam Valves by Rovel, Valvaut, M&M, ASCO, Parker, Hays and Burkert. All Types of Press Valves by United Brass. Steam Pressure Regulators and Traps. Air and Gas Regulators by Wilderson, SMC, Maxtrol and Norgren. Solenoid Valves by ASCO, Burkert, Staiger, Univer, Saraii, KMP, Saturn Magnetic, YPC, ARO, Humphrey and Camozzi. Water Valves by Hays, Auk Muller, ASCO and Depend-O-Drain.
Pages 57 - 91

Spin Filter Discs, Cartridge Filter Housings, Inline Strainers, Lint Filters, Button Trap Strainers, Blower Wheels, Cartridge Filters.
Pages 92 - 96 ...

Still Condenser Coils, Refrigeration Condensers, Refrigeration Receivers, Steam Coils, Water Coils, Evaporator Coils, Heat Pump Coils, Inline Solvent Coolers.
Pages 97 - 101

Loading Door Gaskets, Lint Filter Door Gaskets, Button Trap Door Gaskets, Still Door Gaskets. Cartridge and Spin Filter Cover Gaskets for Ama, Bergparma, Forenta, Bowe, Permac, Columbia, Flourmatic, Firbimatic, Multimatic, Lindus, Renzacci, Vic, Union, Realstar and Suprema. Boiler Hand Hole Gaskets.
Pages 102 - 06

Pads and Covers by FH Bonn for Cissell, Ajax, Forenta, and Unipress.
Pages 107 - 112

Steam Hose, Bulk Materials for Gaskets, Foam Filters, Hose. Pneumatic Fittings, Gauges, Water Separators, Aeroquip Refrigeration Unions. Aeroquip Pipe Unions, Still Light Assemblies, Funnels, Sight Glasses, Conveyor Parts, Shocks, Button for Presses.
Pages 113 - 122

Carts, Scales and Baskets. Spotting Brushes, Spotting Guns, Tank Spray System, Brushes, Irons, Water Spray Guns.
Pages 123 - 128

Table of Contents
Table of Contents
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